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How to Become the Top Vacation Rental Host in Your Area

How to Become the Top Vacation Rental Host in Your Area

If the idea of opening your own vacation rental as a way to make extra money sounds inviting, then there are several factors that you will want to keep in mind. The business of vacation + rentals is becoming more competitive, so you will want to concentrate on being the best.

Consider Location
Vacation rental properties can be successful in many different settings. Some cater to sport fans because of their location near major sports venues while others attract families traveling to major theme parks. Therefore, the first step in setting up a vacation rental is to determine who is likely to stay there.

Even if you are going to rent out a room above your garage to travelers, it is essential that they will like the spot. Therefore, take a look at your competition and see what they are doing to attract guests to their properties and do it better. Many people stay in vacation properties because of they can fix their own food so a well-equipped kitchen is mandatory. Additionally, many are drawn to outdoor living space with an outdoor kitchen and a hot tub.

Attracting Guests

Once you have your property ready for guests, then it is time to list it on major sites like My Karibe. While the process is straightforward in most cases, spend some time writing a description that will attract the type of guest you want staying in your property. You will need to find a booking service allowing you to instantly show when your property is and is not available. Additionally, you will want to make sure to keep all the sites updated regularly. Review all sites as soon as someone leaves feedback. Hopefully, it is positive, so that you can thank them for choosing to stay with you. If it is not, still respond in a professional manner stating that you will take their concerns into consideration.

Consider how the guest will get keys to the property. You may need to meet them at all hours of the day and night. Alternatively, you may want to set up a system allowing them to get the key from a local store. You may also keep the key hidden in a secure spot. Regardless, you will want to welcome them with a gift basket of goodies catering to their interests, maps of the area and recommendations of what to see and where to eat near your property. The quality of the beds is very important to guests along with luxurious bedding. Your ability to create a property that exceeds your guest;s expectations is what will make you the top property in the area.


Seeking Feedback
Most vacation rental sites have a way for you to leave feedback for the person renting your property. As soon as the person leaves, fill out this feedback being as generous as possible. Mention something memorable about their stay. One of the primary reasons to do this is to encourage them to stay with you again, but you also want to them to leave positive feedback about your property. This lets others know that they need to choose you over your competition.

You also need to consider who is going to do the maintenance on your property. Outside landscaping should be kept in great shape. The property will need to be cleaned between clients. You may also discover guests who tear up the property or do not care for it like it was their own. Therefore, you will need to spend time maintaining the property or hire it done.

If you are thinking about turning your property into a vacation rental, then consider the type of guests that you would like to stay there. Create a space that will cater to their needs. Advertise it very well on popular travel sites. Make sure that you exceed the guest’s expectations. Give positive feedback whenever possible.

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