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3 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Momtrepreneur


For my readers who’ve never heard the term before, a momtrepreneur is a mother who is also an entrepreneur. It is not restricted to working/stay at home moms or single/married moms. It’s inclusive of all entrepreneurial moms.

As if motherhood isn’t challenging enough, we’re now throwing the uncertainty of entrepreneurship into the mix.

I go by CStar – The Momtrepreneur, a blogger hailing from the beautiful twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago. My brand is literally centred around being a mom (so much so that my boys are part of my brand) and being an entrepreneur in different fields of interest.

I think momtrepreneurship chose me. This was not my intended path. As glamorous as it is made to look on social media, this is not a walk in the park. I’m not consistently “booked and busy” or “living my best life”. Note I said this doesn’t occur ‘consistently’, but ultimately that is the ultimate goal; the freedom to be present in my kids life and spend my days as I wish while having multiple streams of passive income.

Through lots of trial and error, I’ve been able to get a handle on what works and what doesn’t.



In this article I’ll share the 3 most important things to consider before deciding on this journey.


1. Your community

Do you remember that saying about it taking a village to raise a child? Whether an entrepreneur or not, I’d advise any mother to select/identify their village/community.

Obviously I do not mean a literal village. Your village may consist of your spouse/partner, parents, in laws, extended family, close friends, sitter, nanny, etc…

Who are your go to people?

My kids do not have an official sitter. If the other parent is unavailable, I usually reach out to my mom who lives 2 minutes away. Because her health is uncertain, I may sometimes have to reach out to our neighbour next door to her (my mom) who is always happy to have the boys over. (They enjoy it a bit too much. They’re spoilt rotten over there lol) The majority of times, I don’t need to go beyond that pool for FREE childcare.

Do you have persons you can call on at a moment’s notice to act as caretakers for your children, pets or home should an opportunity require you to leave unexpectedly? Do you have a support system that allows you quality time to put in that work in your business? Do all of them require monetary compensation?



2. Your Self Discipline

If you despise mornings like I do and your mind is flooded with a million and one ideas, concepts, projects like mine is… Self discipline is of dire importance.

Before my older son started primary school, I was totally unbothered about his punctuality and regularity at school. “It’s just preschool” I thought. It’s not even real school, it doesn’t even count towards primary school. That coupled with my worsening depression at the time made routine and punctuality near impossible. Whenever we woke up was ok with me. Needless to say, my productivity around this time was less than impressive.

2 days after he graduated from primary school I had my second son. When September came around I was forced into a routine that demanded punctuality, all the while juggling a newborn and a 5 year old.

I have to admit, it took me most of his first year of primary school to establish a rhythm. Just as I began mastering the rat race, the pandemic hit. So I was forced again to quickly alter and perfect another routine. This time, I didn’t have a year to master it. I had days to get it together or risk my son being behind academically.

Not only did I have to create a new routine relating to the kids, but also to my businesses. You see while the older one was at school I would usually get most of my work done in my home office, in between caring for the baby and taking care of my home. But now I became displaced as my son had to use my office, desk, chair and computer for school. I was now forced to get my work in before his class or late at night while they slept.

Without self discipline, I would’ve sank deeper into an abyss of disorganization and unproductivity.

Do you think you have the self discipline to begin this journey?



3. Delayed Gratification

If you’re looking for a rapid return on investment, entrepreneurship is NOT for you!

Building a powerful brand takes time. The best business strategist or marketing professional cannot guarantee your overnight success.

It takes long hours, determination, consistency and support to create and grow a successful brand. IT TAKES TIME!

You may also need to skip a couple shopping trips, nights out and vacations for the sake of investing time and money into your business. But I promise you, it’ll be worth it in the end.

Making the sacrifice now will ensure you countless luxurious opportunities in the future. Be patient with yourself, don’t be too hard on yourself. You may make some mistakes along the way and even lose a couple investments. But keep at it! I promise you the end outweighs the means.

Now that you’ve read this entire article, do you think you’re ready to be a momtrepreneur?

Remember, do good and good will follow. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow… But good will ALWAYS follow!

Peace & Love, CStar!

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CStar is a momtrepreneur... With #ThePrince & #BossBaby along for the ride. Helping others find balance and enhance their lives... Lifestyle, business, education, real estate, affiliate marketing.

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