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A Vacationer’s Guide to Staying Safe While Traveling

Photo by SplitShire via Pixabay

Boy, do we need a break! Now that travel restrictions have been lifted, it’s a great time to stretch our legs and catch our breath. If you’re planning a vacation but still have some travel concerns, you can reduce your risk of illness (COVID or otherwise) by making smart choices.


Strategies for Safe Travel


Over the past two years, we have learned the importance of taking health precautions. When vacationing, these same principles apply. Be sure to pack face masks, hand sanitizer, and a thermometer. It may be helpful to pack disposable gloves, as well, and a device to open doors and use on touchpads. 


Maintain the six-foot distancing guidelines recommended by the CDC. It’s wise to visit less-populated destinations, but with cabin fever, you may want to venture to places like Mexico, Brazil, the UK, or Germany. No matter where you end up, a COVID-19 vaccination will offer a lot of protection; just continue to mask up when in public places. In addition to incorporating safety strategies in your travels, consider what technology can do for you. 


Tech Gear for Safe Vacations


There are plenty of tech innovations that can help protect travelers. Smartphones with apps like My Karibe to assist with making payments during your travels, nifty portable air purifiers, and Scout tracking devices for your valuables can help protect you from a variety of risks. You can also use apps to stay updated on any health-related alerts of concerns in various locations. It’s also a good idea to investigate what standard health precautions at your destination.


For additional protection, invest in a portable safe if you plan to travel abroad. These handy packs can be attached to a pipe or sturdy object in your hotel room to protect your passport and other valuables. In the event that your wallet is stolen in Rio or you misplace your credit card in Cancun, you can still quickly and easily access cash when you ask friends or family to use a reliable transfer service that offers multiple pickup locations where you’re visiting. 


Making and Preserving Memories


One of the best ways to stay safe when traveling is to travel a trodden path. That’s easy to do when you rely on the verified experiences of others to help you decide on your next trip. You’ll have a good idea what to expect when you know someone’s done it before you.


A key component of any successful trip is making sure you actually relax. That can be a tough task in today’s hyper-connected world, especially if you’re self-employed and not used to giving yourself breaks, but stepping away from your calendar and contacts can make all the difference in your next adventure.


As you travel, you create memories even in the most mundane moments. Stay present and mindful. Enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of your trip. If you are traveling with companions, be sure to take a zillion photos of them and plenty of selfies. There are some great apps out there that are perfect for helping you document your vacation.


It may be fun to create a framed memory of your trip. Print pictures, use tickets from varying destinations, and souvenirs that you collect to create a shadow box. There is no end to the adventures you can have and the ways you can preserve those memories. Now is the time for that much-needed vacation!

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