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How To Create A Campaign


Are you looking to create an effective crowdfunding campaign? We have listed the requirements below.

Business: Enter the name of your organization or registered business name.

Personal: If you don't have a business and are raising money for personal reasons you can enter the name of an organization that you are affiliated with. This organization will be considered your sponsoring organization. An example can be a church, youth group, or any non-governmental organization (NGO).

Business: If you are raising money for your business and it is registered, please enter your business registration number.

Personal: If you do not have a business but would like to raise money for personal reasons, you must be sponsored or endorsed by an organization or an association. Please enter their business or organization registration number. 

Business: If you are raising money for your own business please upload your business registration documents. This can take the form of Articles of Incorporation or any other business registration documents to prove that your business is registered.

Personal: If you are raising money for personal reasons, you can simply upload a signed letter (on the organization's letterhead) from your sponsoring organization stating that they endorse your campaign.

Business: Enter your registered business website address or social media accounts for verification.

Personal: Enter the website or social media accounts for the organization or association that you are affiliated with and are endorsing your campaign.

Enter the name of your campaign and the story as to why you are raising this money. Be as descriptive as possible so that donors from around the world would donate to your business or cause. Remember to be honest and open as possible.

Enter the country your campaign is located in and the exact address of your campaign. This lets donors know where the money will be sent to.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Upload one (1) featured image and up to three (3) gallery images for your campaign. This lets donors know what they will be donating to. For example, if you are a business be sure to upload a picture of your business and what the money will be used for. If you are creating a personal campaign, you can upload a picture clearly showing what you will be raising money for.

Image sizes should be no more than 1024px X 1024px

Pictures are great but a video is even better. To upload a video, simply create a short video (1 minute or less) and upload it to Copy the direct link to your video and paste it into your campaign. Donors will be able to hear from you personally as to why you are raising money.

Select the amount of money you would like to raise from the drop-down selection menu. You can select up to $100,000 US dollars per campaign.

Enter the start and end date for your campaign. Remember, payouts are only made to the campaign owner and it is paid either when the campaign goal has been met or when the campaign date is complete. Whichever comes first.

During a payout for a completed campaign, campaign owners are the only ones that can receive the money. They can receive the money either by Paypal or Bank Wire Transfer. These accounts MUST be owned by the campaign owner.

Learn more

If you have any doubts and would like to learn more please book a demo below.

Ready to begin?

If you have the required documents you can now create your campaign.

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